admin September 23, 2020

Valmet Automotive has today (September 22, 2020) published the Group’s first sustainability report. As the company aims at a vanguard status of sustainable development in the automotive industry, the report presents comprehensively the main themes of sustainable development, strategic priorities and goals, as well as the highlights of 2019. The report will be published annually.
The importance of sustainable development is constantly gaining momentum in the automotive industry. It is already an integral part of the industry’s value chain and a requirement for building customer relationships. Now for the first time, Valmet Automotive is expanding its sustainability communications with a public report, which is available on the company’s website
The report shows how sustainability is a key issue in Valmet Automotive’s strategic and operational planning and operations, and an integral part of corporate culture. For Valmet Automotive, sustainability forms a control system that covers all the Group’s operations, business lines and organizational levels.
Sustainable development is divided into three areas: governance, social and environmental responsibility. These areas include, among others, business profitability, cooperation with stakeholders, occupational safety and satisfaction, equality, energy efficiency and environmental consideration in all operations.
Examples of Valmet Automotive’s sustainability goals are the CO2 neutrality of the Uusikaupunki car plant during 2021 and of the Group during 2024. The car plant’s CO2 emissions have already been reduced by 70 % within a year. Valmet Automotive also introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct in 2019, requiring partners to commit to common principles of sustainability.
– Valmet Automotive’s Sustainability Report is an honest and transparent presentation of the company’s current status. We have set a clear starting point and highly ambitious goals, and we are fully committed to a sustainable development strategy that currently reaches up to 2027, says Olaf Bongwald, CEO, Valmet Automotive.
Valmet Automotive’s Sustainability Report is based on the international GRI guidelines. The report covers the Valmet Automotive Group locations in Finland, Germany and Poland. The material presented is based on the situation in 2019, and the trend development is presented from 2017. The full report is available for download in the Sustainability section of the Valmet Automotive website: