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North Korea says it will abolish liaison office with South Korea
New Zealand lifts lockdown as last coronavirus patient recovers
French police fired tear gas to disperse around 2,000 demonstrators protesting against racism and police brutality in the northern city of Lille on Thursday.
“No justice, no peace,” the crowd chanted, echoing the protests which have taken place across the United States following the death of unarmed African American George Floyd in the hands of police.
The marchers also brandished placards, some in English, bearing slogans now familiar in the US protests: “Black lives matter”, “I can’t breathe,” and “Stop police violence”.
The mainly young crowd in Lille marched to the city centre, also calling for “justice for Adama”.
Adama Traore was a young black man killed in French police custody in 2016.
On Thursday police in Lille fired tear gas to disperse the protesters but flashpoint incidents continued as night fell.
“Today people feel stigmatised, ostracised by the Republic and these people… demand above all to be integrated, recognised, treated like everyone else,” one of the marchers, 32-year-old Sofian Betrancourt, told AFP.
“The question of police violence has been on the table for many years, but at the same time this inequality is displayed on a global basis,” he added.
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The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday changed its policy on decontamination for some N95 masks mainly used by health professionals, saying certain masks made in China should not be reused. Shortages of N95 masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic have prompted loosening of some rules by the F.D.A. in the form of emergency use authorizations. The masks, which are intended for use by health care workers and front-line responders, can…
Chanting for justice, thousands of protesters rallied in the streets of Spain and Italy on Sunday joining a wave of global demonstrations sparked by the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of US police.
A Hong Kong police inspector has been jailed for eight weeks for harassing his former girlfriend over a period of almost two years in an attempt to restore their relationship. The charges against Li Tin-lok, who was jailed at Eastern Court, also included assaulting his former partner and a friend of hers ” anonymised as X and Y respectively by the prosecution to protect their identities ” and resisting police officers upon arrest. Prosecutors…
BEIJING (AP) — China is advising its citizens not to visit Australia, citing racial discrimination and violence against Asians, in what appears to be Beijing’s latest attempt to punish the country for advocating an investigation into the coronavirus pandemic. A notice issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism late Friday said there has “been an increase in words and deeds of racial discrimination and acts of violence against Chinese and…
It aims to help firms adopt e-payment solutions and expound in its marketing initiatives. Grab has launched its Small Business Booster Programme, which includes tools and initiatives to make it easier for offline businesses to make the shift online, a press release revealed.
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