admin June 23, 2020

An offer without commitment on the move
Need to have a vehicle for several months, with no commitment on duration and within a controlled budget, users have confirmed their interest for this new offer.
For individual customers, Free2Move Car On Demand is an alternative to buying a car or leasing one thanks to an e-commerce solution adapted to their mobility needs for a few months.
“I often have to move for professional reasons. Car On Demand offers me the flexibility I needed for the car. I can change my vehicle every year and I can stop and resume the subscription at any time. I couldn’t find a better one.”  Axel P.
As for professional customers starting up new activities with reduced visibility on the business, the no-obligation offer provides flexibility to accompany them on a monthly basis and easier management.
“With this solution I was able to respond to a 7-month peak in activity that lasted several months for several employees. I did not find this simplicity and flexibility in the medium term.” Bernard L. SME Fleet manager
Associated services for an all-inclusive package
With more than 2,000 vehicles available and 50 versions of the Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles and Opel brands, Free2Move offers a catalogue of recent cars with electric and combustion engines at the best prices. Online subscription to the service includes:
And to simplify administrative procedures, Car On Demand offers a single monthly invoice for all related services.
Car On Demand expands the Free2Move brand’s mobility offer in France, which includes carsharing, short, medium and long-term rental, access to charging stations, parking and connected fleet management.