admin July 6, 2020

My wife and I will both be running in this election. I’m truly grateful to her parents for taking care of our young sons, as we begin the campaign trail tomorrow morning. Thank you, from the bottom of my ❤️
T-1 to nomination day! The lead up to the campaign brings about a bundle of nerves and energy. I am deeply grateful to having the most supportive family in the world. In 2015, Dad walked with me on every single engagement, and it was so comforting to have his presence right by my side – although he slept for 2 days straight to recover after the campaign ended! Now that he is in his 70s, he and Mum are still holding down the fort, with the kids at home as we go on the campaign trail. And last but not least, it’s a bit mad but great to have a spouse going through the same thing together, even if it means we miss the kids more than we can say. I love you all!

#throwback to 2017 and @wpsgp ‘s 60th anniversary dinner. I was almost 8 months pregnant then with my second! So happy to see Nicole Seah 佘雪玲, Terence Tan 陈励正 and Ron Tan Jun Yen 陈俊元 announced as potential candidates over the last 3 days. Gone are the days when we hung out as young singles until the early hours of the morning, and we all have young families to raise now. It’s been a wild ride, with more to come I’m sure! ❤️ you guys! #makeyourvotecount
According to a report in, Ms Tan has an eye towards her sons’ future. “My children will, in time, like their father, enlist to defend their country and pledge to serve it. I want them to be proud of their country that has overcome obstacles by bringing its most vulnerable along with it. A country where they can have strong and respectful disagreements with one another. And a society which pursues growth but cares about the impact our actions have on our people and planet.” /TISG
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