admin January 23, 2021

The thrill of take-off, of jet-setting to a foreign destination at about 740 – 930 kph (i.e. very very fast)?
Korean company Oneroommaking has got you covered, with this sunset-hue Airplane Window LED Light that mimics what one would see when airborne.
Yes, you can even take a selfie with it, and pretend you are flying off to distant lands (probably Japan or Taiwan).
Here’s a video from their Instagram of the innovative design:
According to the website, there are two types of designs available – sunrise or sunset.
The sunrise design depicts warm golden hues and makes one nostalgic for the no holds barred travel of yesteryear.
The sunset design shows pink and purple pastels, and the obligatory airplane wing.
The Airplane Wing LED Light comes in different sizes.
The smallest is 25cm in height and width, and costs 33800 won (~S$40).
The medium-sized version is 35cm in height and width, and costs 41300 won (~S$50).
The largest measures 45cm in height and width, and goes for 60200 won (~S$72).
If you’re in a travel-deprived rut, you can always simulate aircraft conditions like the Korean model shown below.