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The soft lighting, pleasing natural tones and plush bed in 600-thread count Egyptian cotton linens make it hard to tell a room at Kai Suites apart from one at a five-star hotel . Perhaps the one feature that gives it away is the bedside call buttons that ensure the mothers and their babies have access to care at any time of day.
At Kai Suites, guests are cared for in 18 private suites by a team of experts in disciplines ranging from natal care and nutrition to rejuvenative massage and aesthetics. The luxury confinement hotel is the first of its kind here, and is a one-stop facility offering holistic, specialised pre- and postpartum care services.
In addition to combining Asian cultural practices and traditions with modern science, Kai Suites also tailors its approach according to the needs and preferences of each mother and baby to ensure a personalised experience. This includes 24-hour expert care from experienced nurses as well as invaluable advice from qualified professionals in pre- and postnatal care.
Another big draw of Kai Suites is its confinement food programme, Kai Cuisine, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and postpartum dietary science with gastronomy and artisanal ingredients. The in-house culinary team has a current repertoire of about 600 recipes, and make their own sauces, stocks, seasonings and condiments from scratch.
Unlike standard confinement dishes, the meals here look incredibly appetising and strike the perfect balance between being highly nutritious and light on the palate but still full of flavour. There are different menus available in each week of the confinement period to best aid the mothers’ recoveries.
We tasted a typical meal that a mum in her first week at Kai Suites would have to aid with recovery, and were impressed by the variety of the delectable dishes. This included a nourishing Cantonese Fish Soup with Korean seaweed and fish maw that is packed with collagen and calcium, and Steamed Chicken in a flavourful tomato consommé glaze and tomato oil.
At Kai Suites, any meals with vinegar are only served from the third week onwards, such as the Braised Black Vinegar Pork Trotter. Truly a labour of love, it is made with vinegar that has been infused with ginger in a four-week process where the ginger is removed and added back to the sauce several times for better flavour.
The pork trotter is sous vide separately in more black vinegar, bay leaves and brown sugar, then added to the vinegar sauce and braised for at least two hours or till the trotters are tender. Chicken wings are then added for more collagen, as well as chicken stock in stages to cook the trotter. Mums may choose to have their meals in their suites, or at the bright and airy Kai Lounge on the ground floor.
Located in a heritage building along Dunearn Road, Kai Suites also has facilities like a Private Mothers’ Lounge, nursery, spa, aesthetics clinic, salon, and lobby lounge for mums to socialise and get further pampered.
Kai Suites , 26 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 309423, +65 8855 6183
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