admin January 25, 2021

Chinese New Year may be muted this year , but nothing’s going to stop us from munching on festive goodies and sticking to the long-established tradition of putting together a spread of pineapple tarts, cookies, and crispy prawn rolls.
The ban on Chinese New Year bazaars may complicate getting ahold of festive essentials. That is why we’ve put together a list of 13 local bakeries ready to bring the glorious goodies to you.
Toast Box is offering three different sets at S$32.80 each, each comprised of two jars of cookies in either butter, coffee or brown sugar flavors. You can pick one or more sets and pair them with a box of coffee sachets, peanut butter or kaya spreads.
The bakery that takes pride in its handmade goodies is offering sets of goodies from S$53.93 each containing four different varieties. Other than pineapple tarts and prawn rolls, Wang Lai Bakery is also packing them with crispy cuttlefish rolls, fried crab sticks, and lotus root chips. Love letter cookies are available in chocolate and peanut butter.
One of Singapore’s most popular bakeries wants to spoil customers with cookies, pork floss and salted egg or wasabi rolls. They come in four different sets at S$28.80 each and can be paired with sticky sweet crackers in pumpkin matcha, white sesame, and peanut.
At S$108, its largest goodies set comes with cookies, abalone, pistachios, and barbecued pork jerky (aka Bak Kwa ).
Teochew bakery Thye Moh Chan is putting together gula melaka , or palm sugar, pineapple pastries together with peanut candies, pork floss, and glutinous rice cakes in their goodies hampers this year, costing S$88 each. You can also add on cans of abalone or a box of dried scallops.
Bak Kwa Tau Sar Piah, or Chinese flaky biscuits stuffed with sweet pork jerky, as well as yam and mung bean cakes, are available separately.
Pineapple tart expert Kele has prepared tarts in various colors and flavors this year, including sweet potato, rose, matcha, and even chocolate-covered pineapple tarts. Each tin of 30 pieces costs S$29.80. Other goodies on offer include boxes of dried shrimp, chicken floss, and Love Letters, from S$21.80 each.
Muslim-owned home bakery Hipster Bakes is offering a roulette of six different goodies at S$28. They include kueh bangkit coconut cookies, salted egg yolk cookies, ondeh-ondeh pandan leaves with palm sugar tarts, prawn rolls, pineapple tarts, and red velvet white chip cookies.
Jelly mooncake aficionados Six Zor Mei are switching gears to focus on pineapple tarts, spicy shrimp rolls, and chicken floss samosas for Chinese New Year. Their goodies are on sale at S$8 a tub.
Up-and-coming home bakery Little Bake Dot is making flower butter cookies, pineapple tarts, and dark chocolate almond cookies at S$40 a set. One tub contains about 20 pieces.
If you need more pineapple tart options, other Singaporean bakeries Wood Street Bakery , Sandra Bakes , Fiftygramss , Suka Suka Bake , and Kueh Ho Jiak are also open for orders.
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