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Dee Kosh Admits There is Truth to Some Allegations …
The problem here? Those are minors between the age of 15 to 17 then. On the day that the allegations surfaced, Dee Kosh had denied all the allegations, and claimed that he would be taking “necessary steps to clear this all up”. Image: Instagram. In addition to that, he got a law firm to draft out a demand letter to one of the accusers.

Dee Kosh denies sexual relations with minors, but admits
Dee Kosh denies sexual relations with minors, but admits there is ‘truth to some’ of the allegations. He was accused of sexual harassment by at least five men.

‘I am sorry to the people I have hurt’: Dee Kosh addresses …
In the wake of mounting sexual harassment allegations, YouTuber and radio DJ Dee Kosh has admitted to texting a 15-year-old boy with what he described as a “questionable tone” and apologised “to

LittleMrBitchy: Dee kosh
There are people who like him and there are some who don’t. so don’t let the world know that u hate him. For instance, I don’t like Justin bieber. But i don’t spam my Facebook wall saying dat i hate bieber and why i hate him. so please. don’t be countryist and racist.

Dee Kosh and anyone who uses the “social experiment …
Dee Kosh then began to engage the retweets of his posts, often engaging the Twitter users who retweeted him in a negative light to rile them up more, pointing out that they took him too seriously, that he had videos and sheet music to prove the truth, and that he did have a valid disclaimer at the start of his tweet.

Dee Kosh and the Boys Try SOFINA jenne Skincare – YouTube
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Regarding Dee Kosh’s “Social Experiment” : singapore
Just today at around 12 am on Saturday night, Dee Kosh released a video on his Youtube Channel and explained everything, and how it was a social experiment and all that jazz, where he knew Idol and Not Today is not even the same, but do it just to set off some shit, for the sake of “social experiment” if you will.

Here is a list of men accused of sexual misconduct since …
Nov 18, 2017Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple men in entertainment, media and politics in the U.S …

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