admin August 24, 2020

When the next-generation Ford F-150 was revealed last June, there are a couple of things missing from America’s best-selling pickup truck. First, the Raptor was nowhere to be found, though we know that the specialized version of the F-150 usually comes late to the game.
Another thing missing was the FX4 off-road performance package, which comes as a $905 option for the outgoing F-150. Many were speculating about its pricing for the 2021 model year, and one of the first reports about it just came out, courtesy of The Fast Lane Truck.
According to the publication’s sources – which is a Ford dealer – the FX4 off-road package for the 2021 F-150 will cost $1,005. This means that the package will be a bit pricier than before, but would be relatively affordable for those who want extra for the full-size truck.
We have yet to know whether the said pricing will prove true once the ordering starts for the new F-150. One question remains, though: will it be available for the hybrid option? Again, that remains to be seen.
Ever since 2002, Ford fans have been enjoying the option of adding an FX4 off-road package into their F-150 purchase. The said package adds an appeal to the top-selling truck – not only in aesthetics but in tried and true off-roading capabilities as well.
In the meantime, it’s good to know that the FX4 is making a comeback for the new-generation F-150. What we need to know now is whether the new truck is as capable as the old one, but as it stands, that won’t be a surprise.
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